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How to Avoid an Electrical Fire

An electrical fire is probably one of the most terrifying events you can experience. They can result in an excessive amount of damage to a property, plus may even cause death. It’s important to ask yourself: When was the last time electrical maintenance was completed in my home as a precautionary measure?

Avoid an Electrical Fire by Taking a Few Simple Steps

An electrician in Carroll County Maryland can check to make sure your home is safe from the most common causes of electrical fires. Homeowners can also take the following steps:

Unplug electrical appliances. Electrical short circuits are quite common in common household appliances. Unplug and switch off heat generating appliances when not in use. Also be sure not to leave heating appliances on when you leave a room. Common culprits in the home include kettles, toasters, irons, heaters, and toasters.

Limit your use of extension cords. Extension cords are not designed for continued heavy use around the home. Use them when needed and disconnect them from the main power source when not in use. Always make sure that the cord is grounded to safeguard your home from power surges. The third prong on the cord plug is there to protect against electrical malfunction. Also, avoid using frayed electrical cords and plug extensions with burn marks. Either fix these properly or avoid their use in the home as they pose a grave threat for starting an electrical fire.

Have your home rewired. Contact an electrician to inspect your home’s wiring. Old wiring standards typically use aluminum, 60-amp systems or knob-and-tube wiring which is not designed to handle modern power standards. If you have any of these systems in your home, you are at greater risk of experiencing an electrical fire. At least 100-amp with copper wiring is necessary to avoid the potential.

Look for signs of damage. If you notice burn marks surrounding any plug outlets, appliance cords, light switches or fixtures, have them replaced. Any further use of electrical sockets or switches with burn marks is extremely dangerous.

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Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling for an evaluation of your home to prevent electrical fires before it is too late. Looking for an electrician in Carroll County, Maryland? Once again we are proud to have been named “Carroll’s Best” for 2019.

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