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How to Safely Remove a Broken Light Bulb

Sometimes a light bulb breaks. The good news is newer bulbs have a more substantial base that makes it easier to remove a broken light bulb from a socket. However, if you don’t have newer bulbs, then removing older ones can be tricky. Here are a few ways to remove it safely.

Safety Tips for Removing a Broken Light Bulb

Before you remove the broken bulb, turn off the power to the light source so you don’t get shocked. You should also put on gloves and use eye protection. Pliers are the most common way to remove a broken lightbulb from a socket. If the filament is in intact, use pliers to grab the base of the filament and twist counter-clockwise. If the filament breaks, grip the base of the bulb with the pliers and open them as much as possible. Make sure the pliers are touching opposite sides of the base of the bulb. Keep the pliers open and turn them counter-clockwise to get the bulb to unscrew.

You can also use a raw potato. First, break away any remaining glass. Then, cut the potato in half, put it against the socket, and twist counter-clockwise. The socket should remain still while the potato grips the base of the bulb. Toss the bulb and potato in the garbage once the base is out. If the bulb is in a hard to reach place, you can use quick setting epoxy to remove it. Mix up a piece of epoxy putty and put it in the bulb base. Then press a flat head screwdriver into it and remove it. Allow the epoxy to harden and then use the screwdriver to unscrew the base from the socket.

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