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Lightning Arrestor: What Is It, and Do You Need One?

There are a lot of products out there that claim to be able to protect your home from this and that. For example, a lightning arrestor is meant to be “installed on the exterior of a building can prevent structural damage to your property due to lightning and similar discharges.” How important is it, though, that you have one?

The Facts About a Lightning Arrestor

Are there a lot of storms in your area throughout the year? If so, then you may want to consider at least speaking to an electrician about the possibility of a lightning arrestor installation. It’s true that bolts of lightning may not be striking your roof all the time, but it can also strike nearby trees and power lines, etc, which can then hit your roof and home.

So, what are the benefits of this installation? Put simply, it “can save you a huge amount of money if your property sees regular exposure to lightning due to location, materials, or other factors.” More than just protecting your house, though, this device can keep damage from befalling power lines in the area. Essentially, it draws lightning away from other, tall items that it could strike, which saves you a ton in terms of money spent on damage repair. Of course, there’s also the safety factor to consider.

You can actually also get these devices inside of the home, too, in order to protect against surges! “These can range from extremely simple devices little more complicated than the average power strip to feature-rich pieces of advanced electrical equipment.” It can be difficult to determine what you actually need in and out of the home, so speak with a qualified electrician who can help you to make these decisions.

Finally, a lightning arrestor can keep power lines operating if there is a storm or if there is any other kind of “electromagnetic influence.” Just because you don’t think much (if at all) about these potential issues doesn’t mean that they aren’t a threat to your electrical system.

If you need an electrician who can handle this and any other jobs, then get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.


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