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Power Surge Protection Can Make All the Difference

Power surges are common in every home with electricity. Fluctuations in voltage take place every time an air conditioner cuts on or off, the motor in your refrigerator stops or starts running, or other household appliances with motors turns on or off. Such occurrences can potentially damage appliances, electronics and even light bulbs and will also shorten the lifespan of these items, so power surge protection is crucial.

Keep Your Home Safe with Power Surge Protection

While you may be familiar with surge protector strips, which protect your electronics in the event of a power surge, you may not be as familiar with whole-house power surge protection. Such a system is designed to prevent power surges from reaching the interior of the home.

A whole-house surge protection system safely monitors spikes in electricity and protects your home by dissipating the current to the ground before it reaches your home. This prevents any damage to electrical devices in your home. Such systems are installed at the phone box, cable box and in the electrical service panel. From there, it prevents power surges from lightning, utility surges and other everyday surges from appliances and other electrical devices from within your home from reaching your home and causing damage.

The cost of whole-house surge protection will depend on several factors, including the number of components in your home requiring protection. Newer appliances that use internal computers to operate and optimize efficiency are very sensitive to electrical currents and will fail prematurely if not protected. Unfortunately, such appliances cannot be protected by a cheap surge protector strip obtained from your local hardware store. They are not designed to stop the damaging power surges that affect household appliances and other electrical components.

Always consult a licensed electrician regarding whole-house power surge protection. You shouldn’t consider taking on a job of this magnitude yourself. It is a detailed and complicated job that should only be handled by an experienced and licensed electrician. There are intricate parts to an electrical system and trying to do such a job on your own can be dangerous. Once your system is installed, you will want a licensed electrician to maintain your system to ensure it is operating optimally. You can also determine if your system is working by paying attention to light bulbs (they should be lasting four to five times longer).

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