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Put Out Small Electrical Fires

Any fire in your home can be scary, especially when it’s an electrical fire. Fires of this nature can spread fast, and you need to know how to deal with them properly. Read on to learn more from Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, your top search for electrician companies near me.

How to Put Out Small Electrical Fires

You need to keep yourself and your family a priority when there’s an electrical fire in your home. Make sure you exits in mind in case the fire gets out of hand. If things are too big for you to handle, leave right away and ensure your family is outside where they are safe. The things in your house are just things; you and your family are not replaceable.

If a specific appliance or device is on fire, unplug it or turn the electricity off to that area of the home right away. This will help to reduce the risk of spreading the fire. A steady flow of electricity is only going to make things worse and increase your chance of electrocution at the same time.

Remember to use baking soda, not water, to put a small fire out. You never want to spray or splash water on an electrical fire. You could easily get shocked because water conducts electricity. Instead, use baking soda and place it over the flames. This can prevent the fire from growing as the compound in this ingredient cuts off the supply of oxygen to the fire. Another thing you could do is cover the fire with a heavy blanket. This will also decrease the amount of oxygen and put the fire out. Keep in mind the blanket has to be larger than the fire itself.

Contact the Pros: Electrician Companies Near Me

If the fire gets out of hand, or you don’t feel as if you can handle it on your own, call 911 and have local firefighters handle the situation. Safety is always the main priority. After the fire is out and it is safe to return to your home, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling for an assessment of any electrical damage and needed repairs.

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