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Should I Shower During a Power Outage?

It’s not uncommon to lose power during a storm. A lot of the time, power outages aren’t a big deal—that is until you need to shower, cook, or use a device or appliance. Your daily routine is put on hold, which may include taking a shower if you’re worried about the weather.

Problems with Showering During a Power Outage

What’s the absolute worst that could happen? The problem is hot water. Whether your home uses a boiler, a water heater, a tankless heater system, or an electrical pump, these systems typically use electricity to heat the water. Unless you’re fond of taking ice-cold showers, you have a problem. Even if your home uses a gas water heater, you’re only spared a little hot water because these heaters use electric components.

Advice from a Towson Electrician Regarding Showering and Storms

There’s a lot of concern regarding showering during a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms can be scary especially when they are accompanied by high winds. Although the chances of being injured while showering during a storm are incredibly rare, you may still worry.

How do generators help? Generators keep your electricity on when the power goes out. With a steady flow of electricity flowing through your home, you can take a warm bath or shower, use appliances, and electric devices in moderation. When the lights go out, you have no cause for worry or concern. The generator will sense your home has no power and kick into action, restoring power to your home.

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