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Smoke Detectors: Dangerously out of Date

Almost everyone, if asked, would say that they know the value of a functional smoke detector. However, not many people are aware of the enormous danger that comes with having smoke detectors: many of them don’t actually alert you to danger in time.

A Lethal Delay in Smoke Detectors

“In those fires, experts say, ionization alarms don’t work well, going off way too late — or not at all. ‘And that means the individuals could have a fire in their home and never receive a warning.'” It’s true; a number of traditional smoke detectors, those found in most homes, might not protect you and your family in case of fire.

This is, and should be, both startling and terrifying. Even if you check it regularly, replacing the batteries and testing the system, it still may not pick up on the toxic smoke in time to prevent excessive inhalation. This is obviously an enormous issue within the industry and one that should be remedied immediately to prevent any more people from succumbing to smoke inhalation and losing their lives because their smoke detector doesn’t actually alert them to smoke.

In tests, researchers found that the typical detector didn’t go off until thirty minutes after the room began to fill with smoke. In such a dangerous and time-sensitive situation, “every second counts.” This is absolutely unacceptable. Luckily, modern technology has presented an alternative in photoelectric detectors, which (as compared with the older ionization detectors) is said to sound the alarm much sooner than the old model.

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