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Staying Safe in Severe Weather

It’s summer, so storms, including more intense storms, are more common. Hurricanes and tornadoes can also occur in the summer, so it’s crucial to be prepared for anything. Severe weather, no matter the season, can bring with it many risks.

Dangers of Severe Weather

Thunderstorms produce lightning, which kills more people every year than tornadoes. Additionally, storms can cause flash flooding and produce hail and strong winds. If a person is caught outside during severe weather, they can be in danger. That being said, being at home doesn’t always mean you’re completely safe, either. Hail can damage your roof, and strong winds can cause a tree to fall onto your house. There are certain safety protocols you should follow with electronics during a storm for the sake of your family’s safety, so read on to learn more about those steps.

Electrical Safety Tips for Storms

The storm may be out of your control, but how you prepare and react is vital. You should unplug all your electronics and appliances, before the storm starts, to protect your equipment from power surges. A power surge could cause a fire or blow out the electricity for the entire home. Once you have unplugged everything, switch to using battery-powered flashlights and lanterns.

If there are areas of your home that have flooded, use extreme caution. Submerged outlets or electrical cords can energize standing water and create a lethal threat. If you need to turn off the power for your home, then flip each circuit breaker first before the main breaker. Never replace a fuse, or touch a circuit breaker, with wet hands (or standing on a wet surface).

Finally, do not go near a downed power line or any standing water near them. Immediately phone your utility company about the downed power line.

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

After the storm has passed, it’s highly recommended to have a licensed, professional electrician inspect your appliances and your home before using any electricity. This is an essential step if any flooding or water damage has occurred in your home. Only a licensed electrician will know how to examine your home’s electrical wiring to ensure your family is safe.

For those looking for a residential electrician in Hanover PA, Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling is your top choice. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling has been the trusted residential electrician in Hanover PA since 1986. The team of highly trained and licensed electricians will be able to provide you with peace-of-mind after severe weather passes through your area. Time Kyle Electric provides Home Safety & Comfort Plans and Safety Checks and offers upfront pricing every time. Get in touch today!

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