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The Dangers of Too Many Extension Cords

Although extension cords are commonly used around the home and in offices, they’re hazardous. Did you know that 3,300 residential fires are caused by them each year? When they’re used with caution, they can be free of risks. However, the best solution is to add new outlets rather than use power extenders as a long-term solution.

The Hazards of Extension Cords

The occasional use of extension cords is fine. However, if you heavily rely on them, you’ll want to have new outlets installed instead. They are subject to everyday wear and tear. If used in high-trafficked areas, people can trip over them, yanking the plug from the socket and causing damage to the plug. However, you should never tape a cord to the floor or attach it to surfaces with staples or nails.

Improper coiling of cords can also put kinks in the line and eventually cause breaks in the casing. If they are covered by rugs, heat cannot escape thus posing a fire threat. Plus, when a cord is damaged, it’s likely to short circuit. Also, powering multiple appliances with one cord is a risky fire hazard. To keep your home safe while using extension cords, only use those that have been approved by an independent testing laboratory. Most, importantly, stop using one if it feels hot to the touch.

Need a Residential Electrical Service in Owings Mills?

If you use extension cords regularly and you’re interested in having new outlets installed, Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling offers residential electrical service in Owings Mills and the greater Baltimore area. We can expertly install additional outlets to cease the excessive use of extension cords. Whether you need repairs and rewiring, a home safety plan, or surge protection, we can help. For more information about our services or for a free estimate, contact us today!

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