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Throw Away Frayed Electrical Cords

Electricity is a necessity at home and in the workplace. It has made our lives easier, but when electric cords become damaged, it poses a threat to our home and well-being. Damaged electric cords should be replaced as soon as possible. Learn more about the potential dangers of frayed electrical cords.

The Dangers of Damaged or Frayed Electrical Cords

The electrical cord contains live wires that are securely insulated. When cords become frayed, the live wire is exposed which causes a dangerous situation. The user of these appliances is vulnerable to electric shock.

Frayed or damaged electric cords are common when they are used frequently. Electrical appliances such as blenders, vacuums, coffee pots, and power tools are the most susceptible to this damage. Sometimes the cord itself is damaged, while other times the damage is to the plug.

Frayed electrical cords can become frayed because of old age, excessive current flow, or heavy usage. A few steps you can take to ensure your safety is to check your cords for damage regularly. Also, do not run cords under carpets, do not hang heavy appliances by their cord, and avoid hanging cords from nails. You should also always pull the plug directly out from the outlet rather than pulling the cord to prevent damage. If you do have a frayed wire, do not use it. You should avoid wrapping it in PVC tape because this is not a long-term solution.

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