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Tips for Using Extension Cords Safely

An extension cord is a convenient way to run multiple devices out of the same outlet or use a device far from away from an electrical outlet. While it adds convenience, it also is easy to overload with too much wattage. Overload causes damage to any devices plugged into the cord. If an extension cord overheats, sparks could cause a house fire. Read on to learn a few safety tips from an electrician in Frederick.

Extension Cord Safety Tips

Before using your extension cord, check to see how much wattage it can handle. Then, know how much wattage each device you plug into it uses. You don’t want to overload it. Keep in mind that you need to have less current traveling through a longer cord than a shorter one. Additionally, even if you’re not using the maximum wattage on another cord, never run one extension cord off of another one.

If you notice some of the protective coating is off the extension cord or it has any other damage, don’t use it. Always replace damaged cords to prevent the risk of shock or a fire. Also, never cover extension cords. While you may not like the appearance of extension cords running through your home, never cover them up with a rug or other item. The extension cord may give off enough heat to cause the item to catch fire.

Finally, check to see if a cord is for indoor or outdoor use. Always use indoor cord for indoors and outdoor cords for outdoors. If you use an indoor one for outdoors, water from rain or snow could enter the plug and cause a hazardous situation. Indoor cords aren’t as durable, so the elements and ruggedness of outside can lead to the extension cord failing prematurely.

Need an Electrician in Frederick?

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