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Use Security Lighting to Keep Your Home Safe

Security lighting helps you keep your home safe. It allows you to see who’s lurking around your property. Plus, with smart lighting options, you can set the lights to turn on even when you are not home. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, an electrician in Owings Mills, understands how important security lighting is. Read on to learn more from the experts.

Security Lighting Installation

Yes, you can place security lighting anywhere. However, it’s a good idea to create a map where each light is going to be installed. The map helps to identify the number of electric outlets and wires needed for connection. Keep lights 10 to 20 feet apart from each other. This allows for perfect coverage. Consider putting them on poles around your yard or on the walls outside. W

While a spotlight is ideal for illuminating a specific area like a driveway, a floodlight is ideal for covering a large area. Depending on how dark your property is, you can decide how much light is necessary. Consider adding a motion sensor with good coverage to alert you when someone or something is approaching. It’ll turn off if nothing is around the area, but it’ll stay on if a person or animal is lingering. You can also have a sensor linked to an entryway, so the light turns on when the door is opened. If you want the lights to only turn on at a specific time, consider a timer. You can customize when you want them on and off and change them when necessary. Just make sure if you have close neighbors, you keep them in mind. You certainly don’t want your security lights keeping them up all night or invading their privacy.

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