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Why Reliable Pool Wiring Is Critical

Summer is upon us which means more people are spending time in pools or hot tubs. However, owners may be overlooking the importance of proper pool wiring. In order to prevent electrocutions, specific electrical codes must be followed. If you need an electrician in Howard County MD, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling to safely complete the job.

Common Signs of Pool Wiring Issues

Pool wiring issues, such as corroded wires, are caused by old age, faulty wiring, or water damage. If you notice corrosion, you must have wires replaced. Also, loose connectors can occur because hot tubs vibrate. Over time, vibration loosens electrical power connections which can cause damage to circuit boards or melt insulation. It’s important to have these connections tightened and inspected every year. Also, check for any damaged wires. Look for char marks. Or, you may notice chew marks caused by pets or rodents. If you notice any of these marks, your wiring needs to be replaced immediately.

Finally, regularly inspect a GFCI breaker after a storm to make sure there isn’t any damage from lightning or power surges. Follow NEC requirements for GFCIs, and make sure electrical wires and junction boxes are five feet away from the water. In addition, grounding and bonding prevent electrical issues. Grounding attaches powered equipment to the ground to prevent electrocutions. Bonding connects all electrical components to create an electrical grid that ceases power when necessary.

Looking for an Electrician in Howard County MD?

Since 1986, Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling has been keeping families and businesses safe with our top-quality installations and inspections. Our residential and commercial services include repairs and rewiring, landscape lighting, surge protection, new construction, fire alarm systems, retail, medical and office tenant fit-outs, and more. For more information or for a free estimate, click here!

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