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Roadway Solar Panels Set to Shine in France

A few years back, there was a popular video and “campaign” for roadway solar panels.  It attracted a lot of attention and generated huge excitement, but didn’t actually go anywhere or produce solid results.  Luckily, a company in France is working to do something similar, but in a serious, concrete, and more effective way.

The Light Is Green for Roadway Solar Panels

Announced just in this new year is the fact that France is planning to cover “some 621 miles (1,000 km)” with the roadway solar panels provided by a company called Colas.  The idea is patented and has been heavily researched so that development can proceed smoothly and produce the most impressive and effective results.  Colas, the “transport infrastructure company” is working with the government to produce these roadways which could charge innumerable households or even a local city’s public lighting system in the future.

The idea is to implement this plan within the next five years, and the process is made easier by how the panels are actually made to be a part of the streets.  Instead of replacing old surfaces, which would be costly and destructive, they would be able to lay these materials over top of the old areas.  This “Wattway” roadway solar panels stick securely over top of the current surface, making the system both more easily applied and very durable.  It’s also thinner than other models without sacrificing weight capacity, which is a huge feat in itself.

Though there hasn’t yet been much information by way of estimated cost or specific location of placement, the idea is an exciting one.  To be able to offer clean energy while still accommodating all types and weights of vehicles that would be using it is remarkable and should be emulated.  Hopefully, roadway solar panels will catch on as an idea and will spread to places with high traffic and a dire need of alternate sources of energy, such as the United States.

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