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Solar Innovation Takes a Trip

Solar power is obviously big in the news, but some people still haven’t heard about the massively impressive solar-powered flight around the world that was made in July of this year. “Solar Impulse,” said to be “more about energy than innovation,” proved yet again just how invaluable our sun and solar innovation is as a resource for this planet and its people.

A Long Flight with Solar Innovation

The craft, called the Solar Impulse, is now “the first aircraft to circumnavigate the globe without a drop of liquid fuel” following its successful flight. The intention wasn’t to begin a revolution in which we all fly regularly on solar crafts, but to instead make a statement about how this, and other, similar types of clean energy sources, can be used to power just about anything.

In detailing how the plan was born, one of the pilots noted that solar innovation¬†has really not had any kind of “dynamic marketing” which would make it more appealing to people. Aerospace experts are certainly pleased, pointing out the technological developments needed for such a trip and hailing the pilots’ accomplishments for what they’re worth.

Though this tech won’t soon be exploited for flights of more than one person or at speeds over about 50mph, the innovation and what it stands for are impressive enough. Humanity has always had a fascination with trips around the world, and to think that one was successfully made by the strength of the sun alone is a true wonder. “Solar Impulse has proved that a 24-hour electrical system, powered exclusively by renewables, is possible,” a lesson that is crucial to learn going forward into the future of alternative sources of energy.

Play your own role in changing the way that people relate to energy by making energy-conscious choices today. You don’t need to fly a solar plane to be an advocate for energy efficiency.¬†Get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling to find out how you can make adjustments to cut back on electricity costs and usage.


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