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Solar Panels Mean Success at California Farm

Renewable energy is in high demand lately with costs of utilities only rising and the planet’s sustainable resources draining.  It’s always encouraging to read stories of companies, individuals, and various locations implementing better energy-producing structures, and a California farm recently did so with great success.

Save Energy and Money Without Losing Business

Solar energy has indisputably been on the rise, but more can always be done to put solar panels into place and reduce energy consumption.  In Santa Barbara, Windset Farms, “which runs a large hydroponic greenhouse complex,” installed a “solar photovoltaic (PV) array” this year.  The company has already made a big commitment to saving energy and mentions a further desire to decrease their own carbon footprint by continuing to improve the systems they use to handle power on the farm.

It isn’t just a nice idea; “the installation now generates an estimated 1,662,100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy annually, saving the company more than $245,000 per year in electricity costs.”  So, the motivations needn’t be selfless, since they are able to cut down not only on their power consumption but also on the bill.  It isn’t difficult to imagine why Windset Farms had the solar panels installed as they are conducive to “saving” on all fronts.

The company uses a great deal of energy, considering what they produce and how it’s done.  Harnessing solar energy is one step of many that can be taken to make a positive impact on their numbers, to show that they are invested in the green initiative while still proving successful in a business sense.  They’ve taken steps in the past toward the same goal, such as “water collection and recycling, carbon-neutral biomass burners, and heat-loss prevention screens.”  Together with the installation of this massive solar spread, Windset Farms serves as a model for others that sustainability is possible without sacrificing profit.

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Windset Farms Harvests the Sun and Saves Thousands of Dollars in Energy Costs with Solar

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