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Storm-Proof Your Home

Summer storms are becoming more frequent and can bring mild to severe destruction to your residence. Lightning strikes can cause fires and power surges. High winds can bring down power lines, cause roof damage, and batter siding. Heavy rains inevitably cause flooding. Here’s how you can storm-proof your home and keep your family safe.

Be Prepared and Storm-Proof Your Home

Secure the Yard. When the weather forecast warns of an impending storm, remove loose items from your lawn. Lawn clutter should be stored in your garage or shed to prevent damage and possible injury from flying debris.

Unplug Appliances and Electronic Devices. Lightning can hit power lines or wind can bring down wires. Play it safe and unplug your appliances and electronic devices to prevent damage from power surges when power is restored. Power surges occur when too much electricity flows through a circuit. These surges can damage appliances, causing them to malfunction or break down, overheat, or even catch fire.

Prevent water from ponding on your property. Flash flooding is a common problem during storms. Standing water is a host for bacteria and a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Prevent ponding by making sure gutters are free of dirt, twigs, and leaves. Always remember that water can carry an electrical current. During a lightning storm, stay clear of puddles wherever possible, and avoid touching any electrical wiring, outlets, switches, or devices near standing water.

Purchase a generator. Generators are essential during a storm if a power outage occurs. If you lose electricity, a generator can keep parts of your home running until power is restored. Always use your generator in a well-ventilated area to avoid dangerous fumes.

Call a Professional

Most importantly, contact a professional should your home incur any electrical damage from a major storm. If you are in search of a residential electrical service in Myersville, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. We can assist with any repairs or rewiring. Better yet, storm-proof your home with surge protection and emergency standby power. At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, we have the experience and expertise to assist you in safeguarding your home before the next storm hits.


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