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The Best Thermostat Setting for Summer

It’s no surprise that summers in Maryland get hot. However, you don’t want to run up your electric bill with AC costs while trying to catch some relief from the humidity. Read on to find out the best thermostat setting for sleeping or when you’re away from home. Find ways to cool down while saving on your energy bills. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, an electrician in Cockeysville, is here to help.

Ideal Temperature Settings for Your Thermostat

The National Sleep Foundation recommends setting your thermostat from 66 to 72 degrees for a good night’s sleep. If you find that this temperature setting is still too warm, turn on your ceiling fan to help cool you down. When you’re at home, the best temperature is 76 degrees. A good way to adjust to this shift in temperature is to increase the setting by one degree each day. When you’re away from home, set your thermostat to 80. By raising the temperature just five degrees you will save up to 10% in your energy consumption. You should never turn the AC off completely while you are away, because it removes moisture from the air. Without it, mold can grow and will leave your home smelling musty when you return. A programmable thermostat that you control remotely is the best option for regulating your home’s temperature. It decreases your energy bill and keeps your home at a steady temperature.

In addition, there are other ways to cool your home besides running your air conditioner. Start by closing your blinds and using a thermal window film to block UV lights from entering your home. Next, wear lighter clothes inside and outside the house to keep your body temperature down. Lastly, if you’re working from home, have your office to the north side which has the least amount of sunlight.

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