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Preventing a Power Surge

Some currents that flow through your home can be potentially dangerous. Powerful spikes can wear down your wires and systems. They may even cause an electrical fire. In order to protect your home from a power surge, install a whole-home surge protector. Tim Kyle, a Hanover PA electrician, can complete the task for you.

Reduce Your Risk of a Power Surge

Though a power surge can be caused by a lightning strike, it can also be caused by large electrical appliances in the home. It happens in a millisecond. You may not notice anything other than your lights flickering or your clock resetting itself.

One line of prevention is to use a surge protector strip. This allows you to plug in various electronics and devices and protects them from any damage during a surge. However, they can wear down over time, so this is not a long-term solution.

On the other hand, a whole-home surge protector defends your electrical system and diverts the excess voltage into the ground under your home. It is known for its longevity. Your computer, TVs, electrical outlets, and other costly appliances will not be damaged when you have a whole-home surge protector. They are typically installed to a home’s electrical service box and placed somewhere with easy accessibility.

Tim Kyle: Hanover PA Electrician

Are you ready to protect your home from the negative effects of a power surge? Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling is ready to help. We will determine your home’s specific needs to keep it safe. It’s so important to have a grounding conductor to ensure you’re protected on every square inch of your property. Stronger surges call for a more robust solution, and power strips aren’t enough to fend off every spike in electricity. Again, have a professional come to assess the situation, even if you think you already have proper coverage from surges: you may not be protecting an area that could later prove risky.

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