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Surge Protection for All Rooms of the Home

Homes run on a standard voltage of 120 volts. If the voltage rises much beyond that, even for an instant, then any device you have plugged in can be damaged beyond repair. Lightning strikes and power spikes from a power line entering the home can cause major power surges without any warning. Prepare your home for such occurrences by using surge protection throughout your entire house.

Why Is Surge Protection Important?

Many of today’s devices contain sensitive parts (such as microchips) which require a constant low-level supply of electricity to run properly. Just one power spike can burn out one of these small, delicate parts or wear down electrical wires and systems. Powerful surges can also cause dangerous electrical fires. If your home is hit by a powerful spike of electricity, then surge protection can save your devices, appliances, and homes from extensive damage.

What Type of Surge Protectors Should You Have?

Most homeowners have surge protectors in the form of power strips. This type of protector has a circuit board inside  that regulates the voltage levels. They absorb much of the power, so that it does not transfer to your appliances. However, this should not be the only step taken to protect your home from surges. These strips can wear down over time, so consider “whole-home” surge protection. Whole-house surge protection provides systematic coverage and eliminates power surges both externally and internally. A grounding conductor ensures you’re protected on every square inch of your property.

The first step to take towards surge protection for your entire home, is to contact your local electrician. A professional can assess the situation and provide you with options and solutions. Even if you think you already have proper coverage from surges, you may not be protecting an area that could later prove risky.

For a residential electrician in Frederick County Maryland, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. We serve Baltimore, Carroll Frederick, Howard, Harford, and Montgomery Counties in Maryland. Contact us today for more information on surge protection and gain peace of mind that your home and family have the protection they need.

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