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Surge Protection for Your Home

Most households experience power surges at one point or another. Power surges happen when there are brief spikes in your home’s electrical current.┬áLikely causes of a power surge are lightning, large home appliances cycling, cut power lines, faulty wiring, and construction work. As a result, power surges can cause significant damage to your valuable electrical equipment. In extreme cases, power surges cause electrical fires which can damage or even destroy the entire home. It’s essential for a homeowner to understand common causes and equip a home with surge protection.

Surge Protection

Within today’s system of electricity distribution, power surges are an unavoidable occurrence. If you have sophisticated appliances and electronics, then you really can’t afford to have them damaged. There are some measures you can take to minimize the risk of power surges in your home. The best way is to invest in a whole home surge protection solution that allows you to protect each and every electronic device.

The surge suppressor is directly installed on the main and sub-panels of your home providing security against power surges for the whole electrical system including lights, appliances, HVAC system, telephone wires, and cables. As a result, you will need to consult with a licensed electrician on the installation of a whole-home surge protection system. Even if you have a whole-house suppressor, some of your devices might still be susceptible to surge damage. You might consider getting additional protection from power strips, surge stations, or a UPS (uninterruptible power stations).

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As your preferred residential electrical service in Carroll County, Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling Service has the skills to find the right protection at an affordable rate. Furthermore, having a professional electrician inspect and upgrade your wiring can safeguard against electrical hazards. Ensure the safety of your family, home, and belongings by protecting your home against power surges. Contact Tim Kyle today.

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