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What Is Surge Protection?

A surge is an increase in voltage that exceeds the designated safe electrical flow. All of the appliances in your home are vulnerable to power surges. If it’s large enough, a surge can melt the plastic or fry the circuits of electrics and appliances leading to fires. That’s why it’s important to have the right protection. A surge protector passes the electrical current along the outlet. If it begins to overheat, the protector will divert excess electricity into the outlet’s grounding wire. Read on to learn more about surge protection from a Hanover Pennsylvania electrician.

Surge Protection 101

While power strips and surge protectors look similar, they’re not the same. Power strips are for additional outlets. A surge protector is for protection. They come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. A typical protector will plug into a wall outlet, and then you plug devices into it. Any time that a power surge occurs, the surge protector will absorb the extra load and keep it from damaging the connected equipment. This can help your devices to last for years beyond what they could have otherwise lasted. A good surge protector usually lasts three to five years depending on the strength of the surges, However, consider replacing them every two years.

For extra peace of mind, have a whole home surge protector installed. Stronger surges call for a more robust solution, and power strips aren’t enough to fend off every spike in electricity. A whole home protector will have one centralized location and protect the entire home’s electrical system. Whole home surge protectors safeguard every outlet rather than just a select few. Therefore, you are protected no matter where you plug in a device.

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