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What Is Home Automation?

Home automation used to be a thing of science fiction, seen only in movies. However, today it has become the gold standard in housing designs. So, what is home automation? How does it work?  Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, residential electrical service Owings Mills, can sit down with you to discuss upgrading your home to an automated one.

Home Automation 101

Home automation uses a system of hardware and software to run features of your home. You can have a smart thermostat allowing you to remote set the temperature in your house from anywhere using a mobile cellphone app. You can have lights that turn on when they detect motion and automatically go off when they don’t detect movement. Security systems are also part of a home automation system. Even robotic vacuums and smart appliances are part of your automation system.

There are a number of benefits to home automation including:

  1. Convenience: being able to set temperatures from anywhere allows you to control the environment in your home anytime, anywhere. Use of robotic vacuums and other robotic features takes the burden of these chores off you.
  2. Saves Money: home automations systems that allow you to control the thermostat and lighting in your home can help you save money and conserve energy.
  3. Peace of Mind: some automated systems allow you to lock your home’s doors using your cellphone. This can give you peace of mind when you are in a rush to leave and can’t remember if you locked up on your way out. Cameras are another automated system that gives peace of mind by letting you view your home’s interior from your cellphone or laptop no matter where you are.

Residential Electrical Service Owings Mills

To automate your home, you will need specific hardware and software for full operation. Hardware includes all your sensors and controls that run the equipment. With this equipment you can control the temperature, lock your doors, and even see what is in your smart refrigerator all from your cellphone. Installing home automation in your house starts with a phone call. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, residential electrical service Owings Mills.

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