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The Cost of Charging an Electric Vehicle

The increase in popularity of electric vehicles has many people wondering how owning one will affect their energy bill. Read on to find out just how much you’ll be paying and the benefits of owning this type of vehicle. If you’re looking to upgrade your electrical system for your new electric vehicle, Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, a Sykesville electrician, has you covered.

Will Charging an Electric Vehicle Increase My Electric Bill?

Yes. You’ll see a slight increase in your overall energy bill each month from charging your vehicle. However, you’ll see overall savings in your gas and car maintenance budgets. Electric vehicles cost less to fuel per mile than regular cars. Say you drive your electric car a thousand miles each month. You’ll have over an extra hundred dollars in your pocket each month. They’re also less expensive to maintain because they have less components than those used in a fossil fuel vehicle. For example, you won’t need an oil change or new timing belts, spark plugs, or fuel filters. Additionally, you won’t need to fix oil leaks. The average cost to charge your vehicle is $50-$100 per month. One tip to keep your electricity bill as low as possible is to charge it during off-peak electrical hours.

One of the best things about electric vehicles is a reduction in your environmental impact. Electric cars are energy efficient, and the electricity delivered by it is 40% carbon-free. Plus, these cars are quieter than regular carsm, so you can expect to have a smoother ride on the road. Finally, they don’t require gas, so you won’t have to worry about the sky-rocketing gas prices making a dent in your wallet.

Looking for a Sykesville Electrician?

If you’re the owner of an electric vehicle, then you have to make sure to have the right charger to go along with it. The electrical experts at Tim Kyle can talk you through our selection of charging systems that are available. Then we can discuss the steps toward installation and maintenance. Whatever the make or model of your electric car, we’d love to sit down with you to figure out a charging station solution that suits your needs. Contact us today.

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