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Celebrating National Battery Day!

Get charged up for National Battery Day! February 18th is a day annually dedicated to the appreciation of batteries.

A Brief History of Batteries

A battery changes chemical energy into electricity by bringing different chemicals together in a specific order. Next, these electrons travel from one substance to another to create a current. Ben Franklin first mentioned the word “battery” in 1748. However, Italian physicist Alessandro Volta invented the first real batteries in 1800. We derived the term “volt” from his name. Later, in 1802, English chemist William Cruickshank, designed them for mass production.

In 1820, chemist John Daniell invented a new cell that incorporated mercury to reduce corrosion. The lead-acid battery, invented in 1859, was used to start most internal combustion engines. This battery is the oldest example of a rechargeable battery. Eventually, battery technology continued to improve. In 1896 the National Carbon Company, later renamed the Eveready Battery Company, manufactured the first commercial batteries.

Today’s batteries serve numerous purposes. They power our cars, smartphones, and smartwatches. We even have portable charges for recharging wherever we go! The future may bring even more battery use. Tesla is on the cutting edge of new technology. Its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for stationary energy storage can power homes, store electricity from solar panels, serve as backup power, and for off-the-grid use.

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