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Looking for an Electrician? Qualities to Look For

For the frugal, there are probably many things that you can safely cut corners on – however, your electrician should never be one of them! Choosing the right person to do the job is important. Here are a few very important qualities to look for when choosing a residential electrician in York County.

Looking for an Electrician?

Make Sure They Are Licensed

It’s important that your electrician is licensed in your municipality. For those who aren’t, they may not be up to date on the standards according to building code. Worst-case scenario, the electrician may do shoddy work that could result in a house fire! When an electrician is licensed, he or she is required to take a test to demonstrate knowledge in the field and to understand how to properly do the work.

Check That They Are Insured

When you’re looking for an electrician, check that they carry the right kind of insurance. Many electricians are both bonded and insured, for your protection and for theirs. Their insurance policy covers the electrician while they are working in your home. If they are injured when performing work, then their insurance policy will cover it. When they are bonded, then that protects your home against anything that they might do incorrectly.

Check References and Experience

Make sure that the electrician has done this kind of work before. If you’re looking to have a certain job done, whether it’s installing a new ceiling fan, a whole-home surge protection system, or updating your outlets, you’ll want to make sure that the electrician you choose as the experience and knowledge to do the job right. You can ask for references, or even interview the electrician and ask them what their experience in doing those jobs is.

Your home may need upgrades to make it ready for the fall and winter months. Furnace tune-ups, energy audits, and making sure that your wiring is safe and intact are just some of the things that you local residential electrician in York County can do. When you’re ready to get started, give Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling a call. We’re licensed, bonded, insured, and we have plenty of experience helping homeowners just like you!

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