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Charging Your Electric Vehicle at Home

Buying an electric vehicle is very eco-friendly. However, before you charge your electric vehicle at home, there are a few things to keep in mind.

What You Need to Charge an Electric Vehicle at Home

On average, charging your electric vehicle from a depleted battery to full costs about the same as running your air conditioner for 6 hours. Some people may live in areas where they receive discounts on electricity during off-peak hours. Therefore, they may be able to charge the car for less overnight. You may also be eligible for extra discounts from your utility provider.

There are two different types of chargers for electric vehicles. The first is the Level 1 electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), a relatively simple unit to operate. It uses a 120 volt (V) AC plug to charge, and it is best suited for hybrid vehicles. You won’t need any other special equipment besides an outlet, but this outlet will need a dedicated branch circuit.

The Level 2 EVSE is more complex. While it charges faster and is more convenient, it’s also more expensive and requires special equipment to install. In this case, you may need the services of a professional electrician to install it. The Level 2 uses a 240 V AC plug. It is suited for all types of electric vehicles, both hybrid and fully electric. Before you purchase an EV and a home charging station, check that your home can handle the equipment and that your electrical provider can provide it.

Let Us Install Your Charger

Installing a home charger can be fairly inexpensive if you have a newer home or one with decent electrical service. However, an electrical upgrade will add a substantial expense to your installation. Your electrician should be able to determine what is needed for your installation, plus submit the proper paperwork and permits that you need. Plus, they can install the EVSE in your garage or in a place where it’s protected and the cord won’t be damaged.

When you are ready to install your electric vehicle charger, give your professional Westminster electrician a call to book your appointment. At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, we have experience installing both types of EVSEs and electrical upgrades.

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