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Commercial Energy Saving Tips

As a business owner, managing your various obligations is key to ensuring long-term financial stability. To make this happen, you’re likely often looking for ways to reduce your business’s operational costs. Given that your commercial energy consumption constitutes a significant portion of the overhead costs, understanding how to save energy¬† is the most effective way to reduce your operational expenditure. The US Environmental Protection Agency claims that commercial buildings waste approximately 30% of their energy. Read on to learn more.

Ways to Save on Commercial Energy Use

Take advantage of the following energy-saving tips:

Embrace regular HVAC maintenance. If you fail to maintain your building’s chillers, boilers, and air conditioning equipment, they may lose their efficiency. Consequently, the units will strain to perform their intended functions. This leads to high energy consumption. A local Emmitsburg electrician may recommend regular HVAC maintenance as an effective way to avoid commercial energy wastage.

Improve your building’s insulation. The insulation properties of your establishment aren’t limited to the walls and windows. Additional insulation around pipes, HVAC ductwork, or electrical outlets can reduce the amount of treated air lost without directly impacting the building’s comfort.

Pursue renewable commercial energy options. A commercial renewable energy plan can help you scale down your business’s carbon footprint. There are plenty of options to choose from, including solar and wind energy plans along with carbon offsets.

Invest in energy audits and equipment upgrades. Understanding your company’s energy consumption can help you identify effective ways to save and reduce its carbon footprint. Some energy utility service providers may offer complimentary audits to business owners upon request. Also, investing in energy-efficient electrical appliances can also go a long way in helping you save some cash off your business’s energy bill. Consider switching to LED bulbs that can reduce your building energy consumption by up to 75%. In addition, install programmable thermostats that can improve the efficiency of HVAC equipment.

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If you’re seeking impactful commercial energy-saving tips, feel free to contact the Emmitsburg electricians at Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling for free electrical service estimates and up-to-date solutions.

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