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Dimmer Switches Are Easy on the Eyes

Finding yourself shielding your eyes during dinner time, trying to talk to people across the table?  Squinting while reading in your bed at night?  It may be that your lamp or light isn’t cutting it anymore and could, in fact, be causing long-term damage to your eyes.  How can you remedy this in an easy and cost-effective way for a more pleasant home lighting experience?  The answer: dimmer switches.

Power More Effective with Dimmer Switches

A surprisingly small amount of people remember that dimmer switches are even an option, and one that isn’t particular difficult to install, either.  Another, similar option are “programmable controls” which also allow for easy adjustment of lighting settings without much trouble.

Some of the benefits of these choices include an adaptability between rooms and the ability to save on both power used and money spent, all of which are pretty compelling, particularly in a time when the need to cut back on energy and its associated costs is at an all-time high.  As for the flexibility of dimmer switches, imagine a dinner party with friends where you need to see but don’t want to feel as if you’re under a spotlight, and… well, there you have it.  In any given room, a dimmer switch can provide the options you need to keep things bright, but not too bright.

Dimmer switches aren’t only a tiny piece attached to a normal light switch; they have several variations and can be designed to look like the others that are already present in the room.  Their versatile nature makes it easy for your electrician to position them where you’d like and to integrate them seamlessly into the pre-existing system.  With four different types of dimmer switches (touch, slide, rotary, and integrated), there are a dozen options for you to determine what works best in your home and, really, in each individual room within.

Many systems allow for preset lighting so that you can figure out what level of brightness you’d like, say, when you first wake up, and then assign that setting so that it shifts “at the touch of a button.”  What more could you ask for than for your preferences to appear at the ultimate convenience?

Well, you could ask for a way to save energy in a time when those efforts are badly needed.  Luckily, dimmer switches can help with that, too.  ” For example dimming a halogen bulb by 20%  saves about 18% of the energy costs to operate it.”  They can also boost the life of your light bulbs so that you buy less and save more, something anyone could appreciate.  If you want to get some of these panels installed in your home, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.


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