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Peak Pricing, Smart Thermostats, and Energy Savings

Now is the time when your electricity use matters in a big way. Of course, it always matters how much you use (and potentially waste), but summer is when a lot of bills tend to run high as a result of constantly blasting our air conditioners. Avoid being awarded a terrifying bill by employing the peak pricing strategy which is now encouraged by smart home technologies.

How Peak Pricing Can Cut Power Costs

A “learning thermostat” is fairly self-explanatory, adapting to your habits in an energy-efficient way to save power and to bring down costs. They aim to “help both consumers and utilities find the right balance” so that peak hours are not as taxing on the grid in general and so both parties are happy with the results. To raise the temperature on hot days would infuriate homeowners, but to keep it excessively cool would be debilitating to power companies. These technologies are trying, again, to find that middle ground.

It does depend on the device installed and on the company, but they’re all trying to accomplish similar goals. Some strategies include incentive programs, varying pricing, and strategic “heating and cooling cycles.” The same techniques might not work on each household, but most people would say that they are at least concerned about losing money, so it’s a good bet that they will be trying to keep their bills down. If their power suppliers are offering ways to do this, it’s likely that they’ll sacrifice some comfort for that cause.

Really, the adjustments aren’t said to be enough to cause even moderate discomfort, and the savings that result are big. Reducing the demand for energy across the board helps to take that strain off of the power companies, so they’re very interested in this goal. Adjusting electricity-usage habits helps the average consumer to receive a less-painful bill, so they’re interested in the cause, too.

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