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Press This Button to Save Energy

In order to save energy more effectively, one should first know how much is being spent.  That’s why, in the past few years, the government has made it much easier for people in commercial or residential settings to find access the data that details their energy consumption.

Green Means You Save Energy with an Electric Alliance

“The Green Button Alliance was launched in February 2015 in coordination with the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Department of Energy to advance the development of energy usage data standards…”  This alliance is full of people with a commitment to standardize and save energy by keeping consumers and experts alike aware of the standards, educating about energy use, and encouraging developments within the industry.

One of the most important tasks, and part of the reason for the Initiative’s creation in 2012, is to keep the layperson, especially, aware of how they use and can save energy.  The reports are intended to be produced in a way that the consumers can understand without much or any knowledge of electric or energy terminology and should also be computer-friendly for record-keeping and checking them at any time.

How can this effort be used for other purposes?  Some schools have managed to make the information into learning opportunities, challenging students to look at their energy consumption and brainstorm potential solutions to better  save energy. What is garnered mostly from the efforts within Green Button is education, the opportunity for people to learn about their own habits and to think more productively about how they may change things in the future.  It presents the chance for open-minded conversations about how to save energy and encourages professionals in, for example, solar energy to work alongside the data to access business and residential needs.


Green Button Initiative Makes Headway with Electric Industry and Consumers


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