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Replace Appliances for Safety and Efficiency

Appliances can be expensive, which is why most people aim to repair their appliances before they think about replacing them. While it is usually cheaper to repair appliances, there are certain times when it becomes wiser to replace them instead.

Should You Repair or Replace Appliances?

While repairs may be cheaper in the short-term, in the long run you will often times pay more than your appliance is worth towards the end of its lifespan. If you have to make several expensive repairs over a period of a year, then it is likely you will end spending the same amount you would have to replace appliances.

An older appliance will likely break down again. A new appliance will likely perform better and run for many more years before any additional repairs are required. The same way you would only put so much money into a used vehicle, it is wise to be weary of repairing old appliances with a history of issues.

Also keep in mind, a new appliance will likely save you money in terms of energy efficiency. It will come with a full warranty that will protect you from shelling out money for the first several years of its life.

Common Signs an Appliance Should be Replaced

Depending on the problem, ignoring appliances can lead to huge safety concerns. Electrocution, fire, and water damage are just several of the many situations that can occur when you ignore old appliances that should be replaced. Water leakage from any appliance is a sign that the appliance should be replaced without question. Water and electricity are not compatible, and it is best to act quickly before someone gets hurt. Also keep in mind the age of an appliance. A refrigerator usually lasts for 15 years while a washer and dryer run for about 12 years. If your appliances have maxed out their lifespans and are now starting to have problems, it’s time to get serious about replacing appliances.

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