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Stake Energy Vampires with These Gadgets

You’ve likely heard of energy vampires, or the way that your electricity bill can skyrocket as a result of leaving devices, appliances, and other electronics plugged in.  Even when off, these objects can cost you a lot due to the subtle way they absorb power for as long as they are connected to an outlet.  However, do you know exactly how much these “vampries” are running up your bill?  What can you do to help prevent an absurdly high energy price?

Energy Vampires Are Running the Bill Up

Though the amount of power used by these devices is negligible within a day’s time, or even a week’s, it can add up for the years and years that you’ve likely had these things plugged in.  “Any gadget or appliance that has an illuminated display (think coffee pot or electric oven) or a solid or blinking light (think television, printer, microwave, etc.) is consuming energy even when the device itself is not in use or is turned off.”  Once you start really thinking about it, you may realize that there are such gadgets in every room of your house that are stuck into the wall 24/7.  If the power is off, on sleep, or standby, it doesn’t mean that the consumption has stopped; in fact, this misconception is why the “vampires” are able to drain so much electricity in total.

If you suspect that you may be a part of this large demographic who suffers from energy vampires, consider how you might be able to improve upon this situation.  Your home obviously isn’t the only one to neglect this issue which is why there have been a number of products and apps created to help.  Consider purchasing some of the following which can help to drastically cut down your power bill by reducing the affect of energy vampires.

  • Mini Power Minder from BITS Limited
    • The first offering is a “two-outlet energy-saving powerstrip” which prevents power surges, can be shut down from a computer, and prevents the sapping of energy once the devices plugged in to it are switched off.
  • OnPlug
    • Described as a “power saver,” this small item is portable and easy to use; the device is plugged in and there is a switch to turn the OnPlug on or off.  It encourages energy efficiency while keeping things uncomplicated, allowing for users to simply end the flow of power when it isn’t needed and to thwart energy vampires.
  • Plug-In Energy Monitor from Trickle Star
    • Exactly what it sounds like!  This monitor allows the user to see just how much power they’re using (or saving, if steps are taken to prevent the gradually-climbing numbers).  What better way to encourage change than by making the home owner come face to face with the impacts of their actions, or in this case, inaction?
  • WattStopper Isolé IDP-3050
    • The name is a bit of a mouthful, but the product makes it easier than ever to thwart energy vampires.  Without even needing to switch anything on or off, this power strip is able to detect which outlets are being used and which aren’t and allots power accordingly.  For those that are “vacant,” the WattStopper… stops wattage, as the name implies.  It’s uncomplicated and requires essentially no action from you!
  • UFO Power Center by Visible Energy
    • The UFO Power Center acts in a number of ways: it measures your power consumption and turns off devices that aren’t powered on.  It’s also easily accessed from a phone or tablet to streamline the process.

For more information on how to save energy and cut down your bill at home by reducing the effects of energy vampires, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.

5 Gadgets That Can Slash Costly Vampire Energy Use

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