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What Kinds of Electrical Issues are Caused by Storms?

Summer means more opportunities storms and potential electrical issues. An electrician in Hanover PA can help prepare your home and property to minimize the chances of havoc from an electrical storm. Make no mistake, the damage can be tremendous and costly. Read on to learn more.

Common Effects of an Electrical Storm

Electrical storms sometimes result in a loss of power to your home, power surges, and electrical surges. Both downed trees and high winds can cut the power to your home. In addition, if lightning strikes your home a surge is likely to be volatile. The damage to your home’s electronics and electrical system could be considerable. Plus, any water damage from a leaking roof or flooding in the basement can be harmful to your system. Finally, water that comes into contact with wiring can zap the power in one room or even the entire house. Short circuits are also a fire hazard risk.

It goes without saying that a good preventative measure is to try to seal your home against leaks, but water is stubborn and tricky. It might be able to find a way in despite your efforts. Keep the contact information for electricians, roofers, and various other service technicians handy. Portable generators are a smart way to minimize the impact of power loss. For more protection and power, install a whole-home generator system.

Contact an Electrician in Hanover PA

Need an electrician in Hanover PA to protect against a potential electrical storm? Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling to make sure your home is prepared for summer weather. We can give you estimates for any work that needs to be done. Our residential services include emergency standby power, panel upgrades, repairs, rewiring, remodeling, and much more.

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