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USB Outlets Bring Convenience to Charging

USB outlets – or charging ports – tend to be overlooked when it comes to the overall maintenance of personal computers and devices. It’s merely an outlet that we are all familiar with – an outlet that will slowly charge our cell phones and tablets, enough so that we overlook them over charging via a wall outlet.

How Can You Benefit from USB Outlets at Home?

However, there are specific benefits when it comes to charging your devices via a USB port. A standard wall outlet has an output of about 120 volts in most homes. A computer USB charging port delivers about 2.5 – or 5 V – of power at any given moment. This is a much lower than a wall outlet, and the reason why it takes a very long time for electronics to charge over a USB port when juxtaposed to a wall outlet. However, the slow charging speeds ensure that there isn’t excessive heat generated during the charging process. Heat is absolutely detrimental when it comes to the lithium-based batteries that most of our rechargeable items operate on.

However, the USB port is a mechanical apparatus that is prone to the wear and tear of everyday usage. With a bit of foresight, you can preserve your USB outlets.

Will plugging in USB devices frequently damage the port in the long run? In most scenarios, your USB outlets will outlast the device itself. The standard A-type USB port is slightly more susceptible to damage compared to micro B. These ports are designed to last, with the standard USB port designed for 1500 cycles, the mini USB port designed for 5000 cycles, and the micro USB designed to withstand about 10,000 cycles. However, whenever you are connecting your USB devices with the cable, be sure that you are joining them correctly to ensure that you aren’t applying unnecessary pressure to the mechanical parts. This can be helped by painting one side of your USB cable with nail polish, to signal what part of the cable should be “right side up,” providing you a visual guide.

Keeping your USB outlets dust free. Dust is the ultimate nemesis when it comes to electrical parts – including your USB ports. Every couple of months, make it a habit of using a can of compressed air to blast USB ports and remove any lingering debris.

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