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Blue Power Generates Buzz

You’ve likely heard of “green power,” which is often equivocated to the use of clean energy to provide electricity, but this “color” isn’t the one only rocking the scientific world. “Blue power” has arrived on the scene, at least in terms of it rising in publicity, and it is a huge contender in what is said to “possibly be the most powerful osmotic power generator in the world.”

The Surprising Strength of Blue Power

Minds behind this development have realized that, through the process of osmosis, they can produce more power than they thought possible. Without going too far into an explanation of the osmosis they use: pressure exerted between fresh and salt water molecules is used to power a generator. It’s said that “one square meter” of this setup has the ability to “produce one megawatt (MW) of electricity… [or] about 50,000 energy-saving light bulbs.”

Former iterations of this technology weren’t able to produce the same kinds of results that the most recent generation has. This one, though, is not only powerful, but versatile: blue power can be utilized wherever those two types of water meet to great results. The team of scientists is touting the new generators as “an attractive, renewable” option that will work wonders for the energy crisis of today.

There are a number of ways that you can save energy at home even if you don’t have fresh and salt water flowing nearby. Get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling to find out how you can make adjustments to cut back on electricity costs and usage.


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