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Prep Your Home’s Electrical System for Winter

You may prepare the outside of your home for the harsher, winter temperatures. But what about the electrical system? It could use some attention, too. Read on to learn a few tips from an electrician in Hanover, PA.

Prepare Your Electrical System for Winter Months

Here are a few seasonal electrical tips to get started. First, check the electrical panel. You don’t want to have problems over the winter months, so have the electrical panel tested to fix any small issues before they become larger problems. Small things can grow quickly and cause damage that can cost even more to repair. Second, check wiring around the house. Wires can become damaged over the winter months, and they can start fires or even short-circuit power to the home. Check the wires for burn spots, black shadows, or a burning smell or buzzing noise. Get those repaired before the winter comes around.

Also, there’s never a bad time to get a surge protector. When the weather changes, the power can get knocked out. Surges of electricity can happen and that can kill appliances and other electronics. Get surge protectors for the most expensive, important items.

It’s always wise to have an HVAC inspection before the winter months hit. Again, anything that needs a small repair or adjustment can be done before it becomes a bigger issue. You want those items to run well to keep you nice and warm all winter long.

Contact an Electrician in Hanover, PA

If you want additional winter electrical tips, of if you are ready to get inspections on various electrical elements within your home, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. We are an electrician in Hanover, PA and the greater Baltimore area that will take a close look at your home and ensure everything is operating properly, safely, and efficiently. If there are any repairs, adjustments, or even replacements needed, our professionals will work with you on any project. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the process from start to finish!

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