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Reduce Winter Electric Bills with Simple Steps

Failing to prepare your house for the cold season can be likened to leaving your front door open all winter. The main problem is that utility bills will always be on the rise. You can prepare for the season and lower your winter electric bills by these simple steps.

How to Reduce Winter Electric Bills

Install Storm Windows & Doors

Storm windows are very beneficial when you have old and single-pane glass windows. But there are also other measures you can consider if you do not have storm windows. You can buy a window installation kit from your local store, like Tim Kyle, for just a few dollars. This will involve setting up caulk around and inside the frame of the window, and then cover the whole of it with plastic. This is very effective and inexpensive (even though you will lose some visibility).

Storm doors can also increase the efficiency of energy by sealing the drafts and lowering the flow of air.

Use an Energy Monitor

You can use an energy monitor to know the amount of energy each of your appliances are consuming. It will show the real-time electrical usage and even project your monthly winter electric bills. Using such a device will reduce the consumption of electricity by seeing precisely each activity and costs and then enabling you to cut waste.

Insulate Pipes & Water Heater

You can pay less for hot water during the cold season by simply insulating pipes. If your water heater or pipes are warmer to touch, then they are better candidates of insulation. You can use insulation tubes to wrap water pipes that are exposed at least at a thickness of a half an inch. You can obtain a pre-slit pipe foam form most electrical service providers.

To avoid freezing during the winter season, you can also wrap the cold water pipes… but don’t forget to unwrap them during the spring to prevent corrosion from condensation.

Insulate Attic & Crawl Space

Even though attic and crawl space can be easily forgotten since they are far from sight, their insulation is one of the best means of lowering electricity bills during the winter. Apart from just reducing the utility bills, you will also upgrade the comfort of your house. You can go a step further and add reflective insulation or radiant barrier which will benefit you all year round.

If you need an electrician who can handle this and any other jobs, then get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.


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