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What You Need to Know About Electric Fireplaces

Keeping your home warm when winter strikes has never been more convenient, thanks to electric fireplaces. If you’re an environmental enthusiast, you’ll marvel at the eco-friendly benefits you’ll get. Learn more about the benefits of installing an electric fireplace in your residence.

The Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces can mimic real flames and not produce actual heat. They use LED flames and infrared heating technology which supplies instant heat. They do not emit harmful fumes and gases such as carbon dioxide and monoxide. As such, you’ll be safe from the dangerous gases that may affect your health. Also, as the flames aren’t real, you’ll eliminate the possibility of fire hazards or burns from the shooting embers of burning logs.

Electricity to heat conversion has 99% efficiency, meaning that electricity produces heat almost immediately. This is quite efficient in comparison to the 60-80% heat conversion efficiency for gas fireplaces. Infrared fireplaces provide more heat than traditional wood or gas counterparts. This is in part because the traditional fireplaces require chimneys that act as a pathway for heat escape. Electric fireplaces release heat directly into your home, and they don’t lose any heat since there’s no ventilation. All you have to do to control the air temperature is flip the high/low switch or set the thermostat, depending on the model. You can also use the fireplaces for zone heating, meaning that you can keep a specific room warm while the ones you aren’t using can stay cool.

If you’re keen on home décor, electric fireplaces come in many designs and forms from fireplaces mounted on walls to old-fashioned stove designs. They also come in multiple shapes and sizes, and you can match them with your home’s architectural style.

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