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Better Wiring for Your Home Entertainment Center

When setting up a home entertainment center, people tend to overlook one crucial area: cable management. Yet, these dust-collecting tangles make adjustments a frustrating task and can look untidy as more cords are added into the mix. The good news is that better wiring and hiding cables is simple once you get started.

Tips for Better Wiring

Cable ties are a cheap and easy way to get loose cables looking neat and grouped together. Start by bundling A/V and power cables separately. Remember not to tighten them too much as this can crimp and damage their insulation. Leave enough space at the top for easy plug-in and out. If you need to redo the wiring at some point, all you need is a pair of scissors to carefully cut the cable ties. If you get fed up of snipping, consider adjustable Velcro instead. Finally, always make sure your cables and wires have color identification (whether they are concealed or not) so you can easily recognize and swap them out if necessary, or easily identify and unplug particular cables.

How to Hide Cables

Cables running along the ceiling, walls, and floor can break up the color schemes and clean lines of your room. They can also, of course, pose as tripping hazards for those walking around nearby. If your wires have to cross open space, like with some wall-mounted TV’s or surround speakers, consider

  • Hiding wires along baseboards
  • Using the appropriate type of cable tacks to secure the wires to floors or ceilings
  • Using cable raceways that you can paint to match trim or walls.

Contact the Professionals

Another option is to hide the wires within the walls. Doing this yourself depends on your DIY skill level and confidence level. The easiest – and safest – option: consult with professionals who have the expertise and experience. If you are looking for a residential electrician in Baltimore County, Maryland, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. We have the know-how to assist with all your electrical needs.

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