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Is Aluminum Wiring Safe in My Home?

Aluminum wiring in your home can be hazardous. Most homeowners know this, however, they are unsure about what wiring actually exists behind their home’s walls. Read on to learn more about why this wiring earned a bad reputation.

The Truths About Aluminum Wiring

Between 1965 and 1972, aluminum was the electrical wire choice for many houses. Although the wire itself was not the actual issue, many homes with aluminum were more likely to have a higher risk of fires concurring. The root of problem comes from the connectors used. If you are concerned that your home may contain these faulty connectors, your electrician can ensure that your home is safe by repairing the connections.

Aluminum wiring was presented as a less expensive alternative to costlier copper wiring. Many homeowners confuse myths with facts. Discover the truth behind some of the most common questions:

  • It is legal to use aluminum wiring for houses. Although some question its use in homes, it is not only approved for home use, it is safe.
  • Aluminum wiring is unsafe. You do not have to hire an electrician in Rosemont to rewire your entire house. The one detail you must remember with aluminum is that you must have proper installation. An electrician can make the connections safe by adding a short section of copper wire to the end of each aluminum wire.
  • Copper wiring is better. You won’t have to sacrifice performance, thanks to advancements in wiring technology. By making the aluminum wiring a bit bigger than copper, 12-gauge instead of 14, it is able to work as well.

As long as you take care of the details associated with improving safety, aluminum wiring can be safe for your home. Instead of the expense of changing out all the wiring, let your electrician check your wiring for any issues.

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