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Is My Home’s Old Wiring Safe?

As your home ages, so does your home’s electrical wiring. With age comes a host of safety issues that every homeowner needs to be aware of. However, just because the wiring system is older doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dangerous and needs to be replaced. The only way to identify the condition of the wiring and know if your home is able to handle its electrical loads is to have a professional assess it. If you need an electrician in Adams County to take a look at your wiring, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.

How to Identify Old Wiring

You can identify old wiring by looking at the type of electrical system. The oldest type is called knob-and-tube. If you have knob-and-tube, it’s hard to identify the hot and neutral wires because they are usually both black with dirt and dust. Also, if there is not a grounding system, it does not necessarily mean that the wiring is unsafe to use. However, it does mean that there is not a ground to help protect appliances from power surges.

When it comes to knob-and-tube systems, the National Electric Code states that they can remain in place. However, you must be sure there are not underlying problems or signs of wear and tear. Wiring is hazardous if it is cracked, damaged, or missing insulation. If there are parts of the metal wire that are exposed, it should be addressed by a professional. Also, wiring should not be surrounded by building insulation of any type. In addition, look for exposed splices that are covered with electrical tape. If you see signs of splicing, it usually indicates the wires are not soldered correctly. Finally, if the fuses in the fuse box are larger than 15 amps, the wiring isn’t adequate for today’s appliances and should be replaced.

Looking for an Electrician in Adams County?

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