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Office Wiring Could Be Hazardous

Business owners take many fire safety precautions at work. For example, by law, they must keep working fire extinguishers available at established points throughout the building. Sprinkler systems are also necessary features to keep a fire from taking over. But what about the fire hazards you can’t see that lie within your office wiring itself?

The Hidden Dangers of Old Office Wiring

Behind the walls of your office, one of the biggest fire hazards lies quietly, waiting to flare. For office buildings that are over ten or twenty years old, the wiring may become compromised without anyone knowing.

How potentially dangerous is old wiring? Some of the risks include:

  • Outdated Wiring System: Wiring designs have been majorly improved upon. However, many old buildings have not been updated. Among the many safety issues, one can be that there is only single insulation on the wire, and that insulation can be very easily damaged.
  • Wire with Old or Compromised Insulation: The insulation on your wiring can become structurally injured by many things—nails, mice, or simply age. Exposed wiring can create sparking which leads to fire.
  • Improper DIY Work: Homeowners, handymen, and other novices may have completed work or repairs themselves, before the industry rules changed. This can lead to badly-configured wiring that is not up to modern code.
  • Low Amperage Wiring: Older wiring was never intended to handle the amount of electrical appliances we use today. This amplifies the risk of overload.

How Do I Know If the Wiring in My Building Is Old?

You may not know the exact age of the wiring in your office. In this case, the best thing you can do is contact a professional for an inspection. Only an expert can identify any problems in your wiring system and advise you on what options you have.

Benefits of Replacement Wiring

  • Increased Safety. Rewiring removes the hazards caused by old wiring.
  • Lower Insurance Rates. Reduce insurance expenses by having your office rewired.
  • Better Performance. With the amperage raised to modern levels, your electrical appliances will work better.
  • Peace of Mind. Simply not having to worry about a potential fire reduces your stress.

When you need new wiring, you want the most skilled electrician Hanover, PA can offer. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling provides comprehensive electrical services, including rewiring and new wiring installation for your commercial building. Contact us today at Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling to find out more about how we can update and upgrade your office.

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