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Signs of Electrical Wiring Issues

Electrical malfunctions are extremely dangerous causing 50,000 annual house fires. Protect your home from disaster by being aware of the signs of issues with electrical wiring and getting them fixed immediately.

Common Signs of Electrical Wiring Issues

Flickering Lights. Sometimes this is caused by outdated wiring. In which case, you may need an upgrade to your home’s wiring. This can also be caused because one appliance is using most of the home’s energy. An electrician can move lights to different circuits to stop this from happening.

Lack of Outlets. If you’re using extension cords instead of outlets, they can cause tripped breakers and lead to fires. It’s a good idea to have an electrician install more outlets.

Breakers Tripping. If the breaker frequently trips, circuits are most likely overloaded. A new line will need to be added, or the circuit will need to be upgraded.

Odors. If it smells like something is burning or smoke is detected from an outlet, usually a fire has started. Quickly unplug anything connected to the outlet. If the odor is emanating from the breaker panel, call help immediately.

Sparks. Any sparks from a fuse box are extremely dangerous, so call for help immediately.

Frayed Wiring. Frays can be caused by rodents or pets that chew the wiring. Any rips or tears will need to be inspected and replaced. This is a major fire hazard and it can cause electrical shock.

Warm or Buzzing Outlets. If an outlet feels very warm or it’s vibrating, this is an issue that a professional needs to take care of. If you also notice discoloration this means the outlet is releasing heat and it will cause damage to your home.

Tim Kyle: Electrician in Pikesville

What should you do if you notice one or more of these common signs? Get in touch with a professional electrician to address the issue. Tim Kyle electrician in Pikesville can assist you. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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