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When You Should Consider Rewiring Your Home

Electrical fires are incredibly dangerous. They can cause injuries, fatalities, and billions of dollars in damage every year. Typically, home electrical fires involve outlets and receptacles and faulty house wiring. So when should you consider rewiring home? Keep reading to find out the common warning signs.

Rewiring Your Home

These warning signs are an indication that you may need rewiring work done in your home:

  • Breakers or fuses are often tripping or blowing.
  • You have an over-fused or over-amped electrical panel.
  • Plugs, switch plates, or cords are hot or discolored.
  • There is a burning smell from your outlets, electrical panels, or appliances.
  • Outlets are loose.
  • Buzzing or sizzling sounds occur.
  • Lights dim or flicker.
  • An outlet arcs or sparks when you plug or unplug a cord.
  • You have cracked, broken, or cut insulation.
  • Light bulbs burn out when they’re in a socket.

Significant home renovations or upgraded, new appliances can also put a strain on your existing electrical system. Be sure to contact an electrician if you have more ungrounded, two-prong outlets than three-prong outlets, or if you rely on extension cords for extra power access.

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

Only a professional electrician can determine if your home needs rewiring. They can inspect your home and safely determine how much work needs to be done. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling is a residential electrical company in Howard County Maryland and the surrounding Baltimore area. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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