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Why Spliced Wires Are So Dangerous

A spliced wire is the connection of one or more wires. Splices are made using small plastic devices known as wire nuts. These splices are then twisted onto the electrical wires to make a secure connection. But is it secure? Read on to learn more about spliced wires, and when they become dangerous.

Be on the Lookout for Improperly Spliced Wires

An electrical splice must be made in a junction box with approved electrical connectors (wire nuts) that are the right size. The wires are then safely stored away in a box with a cover so they cannot be tugged at or pulled apart from the outside. If the connecting wires become overloaded or loose, they can overheat and cause sparks. If you allow these wires to stay in the open, then those sparks could cause a fire.

Unfortunately, inexperienced electricians sometimes splice electrical lines without using a junction box. They don’t think that anyone will inspect the area. This is extremely dangerous, and consequently, you will pay more money to have it fixed. Professional electricians know that wire connections need to be in a fire-resistant box. It can be the same size as the main electric panel or as small as a receptacle box on the wall. If you’re having issues with spliced wires and you need a Baltimore County MD electrician, Tim Kyle has you covered.

Tim Kyle: Baltimore County MD Electrician

Please don’t tackle any electrical issues on your own. At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, safety is our priority. Let us help you with any wiring issues. A thorough evaluation of the situation allows our technicians to identify all electrical problems: even ones you weren’t previously aware of. We will efficiently and masterfully resolve any necessary repairs or rewiring! Contact us today.

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